Composite Fillings

Cavities and cracked teeth can cause further damage if left untreated. In the past, metal caps were used to alleviate these issues. However, they often contributed to discoloration and excess pressure on the teeth. The quick fixes of the past have undergone a necessary update to provide a healthier solution.

These days, we use composites that match the texture and color of your natural enamel. This solution to restoring cavities and cracks leaves a beautiful yet undetectable result. The composites we use are paper-thin, so we can keep more of your natural tooth intact and ensure it stays healthy into the future.

Composites provide solutions for functionality and esthetics. 

A cavity along the outer gum line may be seen when you smile. We can clean out the affected area so the decay stops eating into your healthy enamel. We create a composite that matches your natural tooth and leaves you with the bright and beautiful smile you desire.

Composites are made of a liquid resin that contains finely ground glass particles. We sculpt this mixture into the cleaned tooth structure and apply blue light to quickly set it in place. 

We shape and polish the surface to reveal a flawless end result. The composite mimics your natural enamel and you leave with a solid, healthy, and beautiful smile.