Dental Care for Teens

As you may know, during the teen years, maintaining dental care can be especially challenging. Due to developmental changes and increased independence, it can be difficult to stay on top of your teen’s dental care routines. 

Despite their newfound independence, we can still guide teenagers to make smart decisions for their health. We can counter the temptation to skip brushing or flossing with education on the importance of consistent oral home care habits

When your teen starts making independent dietary decisions, they may begin consuming more foods that pose a risk to dental health. When we set the steps in place for maintaining health despite these changes, we can help your teen avoid decay and gum disease now and in the future.

We recommend a preventive checkup every six months to stay proactive during this crucial developmental phase. Using a compassionate tone, we will work to connect with your teen and remind them that we are here to help. We’ll encourage positive steps and use visual tools to highlight the importance of these efforts.

Tips for Teenage Dental Care:

  • Make sure your teen brushes every night. The mouth becomes dry during sleep, creating an environment where bacterial plaque can spread rapidly.

  • Keep sodas and sugary drinks to a minimum. These beverages are the primary cause of cavities in teens. Twenty-ounce bottles of soda can contain 18 teaspoons of sugar. Exposing your teeth to this much sugar can have a detrimental impact over time. 

  • Send dental floss, toothpicks or travel-sized toothbrushes with them to school. This way, they can easily access them after lunch.

  • Explain the risks posed by sharing toothbrushes. Teens frequently share toothbrushes with their friends at sleepovers. When you use someone else’s toothbrush, you can transfer harmful bacteria from their mouth to yours.