Full or Partial Dentures

Dentures are a tried and true substitute for missing teeth. This familiar apparatus functions as a removable replacement for any number of teeth. 

Over the years, this classic solution has gained a reputation for its dependable function. Reasonable prices make full or partial dentures accessible to anyone who may benefit from them.

Most people may be more familiar with full dentures. If a patient is missing all of their teeth, full dentures can help restore the function and appearance of their smile. 

Partial dentures, however, can also be a great solution if you are only missing a few teeth. These smaller pieces can fill gaps in your smile and improve your bite.

At River’s End Dental, we customize dentures to meet the needs of each patient. Dr. Patrick will gladly discuss options and listen to your concerns. Together, you can arrive at the perfect solution for restoring your smile.

Conventional, Implant-Supported Full Dentures 

Certain circumstances, such as gum disease or tooth decay, may result in tooth loss.  Once these diseases progress, we may decide to remove your remaining teeth. 

These decisions are not made lightly, but sometimes this is the best step for restoring oral health. No matter your situation, full dentures are an affordable and effective way to return your mouth to full function.

A full denture has a thin, acrylic base that sits along the gum tissue. This piece is custom-designed to match the natural color of your gums. Replacement teeth, made of porcelain or acrylic material, are built into the base. Each material is carefully chosen to achieve a natural appearance. 

Your smile should be unique to you, and tooth loss does not have to change that. You can work closely with Dr. Patrick to design dentures that work well with your features. This design can resemble your original teeth, or take on a new appearance of your choosing. Your preferences will always factor into the end result!

The classic reliability of dentures comes together with today’s technology to deliver better results than ever before. With the use of dental implants, we can create a better fit along your gum line. These can be placed into the jaw, connecting beneath the base of the denture. This system can permanently fix dentures to your jaw, or maintain the option to be removed as desired. Implant-supported dentures offer greater retention and create a more natural appearance. The pieces themselves also normally last longer. Dr. Patrick is happy to thoroughly explain your options so you can make an informed decision for your smile.

Partial Dentures

No matter how many teeth you have lost, the gaps left behind have likely caused certain issues. Both appearance and function are quickly affected after losing even one tooth. 

If you are looking to fill a gap, partial dentures are a cost-effective option to consider. The use of partial dentures can quickly restore your smile and ability to chew. They also help prevent your natural teeth from shifting into the gap. By keeping your natural teeth in place, you increase the chance that they will stay healthy in the long run.

Most partial dentures are built into a thin metal frame that is supported by your natural teeth. It is designed to sit snugly along your gum line for a smooth and natural feel. Your natural teeth support this framework, creating an easy-to-use system that is both reliable and effective. 

Replacement teeth are attached to the metal frame in the location of your missing teeth. The framework is then covered with an acrylic base that matched your natural gum color. Dr. Patrick will carefully assess your needs to provide a comfortable solution. He works with skilled technicians to build a partial denture that will restore the natural appearance of your smile.

Dental implants can support removable partial dentures as well. This combination will decrease the size of the denture while improving how it fits in your mouth. 

There will always be an adjustment period when getting used to your new dentures. We hope to decrease any complications and help you enjoy the benefits of this oral appliance.

Dentures can help restore your smile, which leads to more confidence, and a happier you. We’re eager to answer your questions and create the best plan for you!