Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas is the mildest form of sedation that we offer at River’s End Dental.  It is a common method for calming nerves surrounding a dental procedure. 

We administer this sedation method through a comfortable mask that rests on your nose. The odorless gas is combined with pure oxygen to create a sense of calm during treatment. 

Laughing Gas gets its name due to the euphoric state it invokes in patients. When you’re in this state, you may find ordinary things funnier, even during a dental procedure. 

We can customize the amount of Laughing Gas that you receive depending on your needs, preferences, and procedure. Once administered, this sedation method begins working in a matter of minutes.

Due to its mild quality, Laughing Gas will not cause short-term memory loss. The effects wear off shortly after your procedure. If you are using Laughing Gas as your only form of sedation, you will have no problems driving yourself to and from the appointment.