Porcelain Bridges

The bridges we drive over maintain stability by keeping weight distribution even across the entire structure. The dental bridges we use to restore your mouth work similarly. If we replace one tooth, we will use the teeth on either side to create even support across the mechanism.

We create the replacement teeth used in this process with durable porcelain. Then, we use dental glue to adhere them in place. This solution can restore esthetics and function for years to come, but traditional methods can put surrounding teeth at risk. Over time, the teeth supporting your replacement can get worn down, and may eventually need to be replaced as well.

The Updated Bridge

Modern dentistry has combined the traditional porcelain bridge with titanium dental implants. By using implants instead of surrounding teeth, we can create a support system that won’t wear down or lead to further tooth loss. 

Since implants are inserted below your teeth, they offer support from the same location as your tooth’s natural roots. This creates a dynamic that mirrors the structure of the rest of your mouth. We also have the option of using two implants to extend the range of your restoration.

Our porcelain bridges provide a solution for many different scenarios. While devising a plan can become tricky when working with larger gaps in your mouth, Dr. Patrick knows how to connect the dots. We’ll work with you to restore the function of your smile in no time!