Teeth Cleaning

Professional cleanings are a crucial part of preventive dental care. This process helps lower your risk for decay, gum disease, and preventable dental emergencies. Our team is trained to give you a deep clean every time, ensuring an impeccable bill of dental health and a bright smile at the end of each visit.

Even with a thorough home care plan, plaque and tartar build on your teeth over time. This creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can lead to decay or infection. If these bacteria remain in the mouth, they cause toxins to enter your system. Eventually, this process can result in a chronic health problem or even tooth loss.

Through proactive measures such as regular cleaning, we nip the spread of bacteria in the bud. You can leave a cleaning appointment confident in the health and beauty of your freshly polished smile.

A Typical Cleaning Appointment

Our first step during a cleaning is to remove plaque buildup from the surfaces of each tooth. This effectively prevents bacterial tartar from spreading and causing harm.

After we remove all plaque deposits, we polish your teeth with professional-grade toothpaste. Not only does this add shine to your smile, but it also removes stains and any remaining plaque residue. Stains can penetrate deep into a tooth’s surfaces, so this process slows discoloration to keep your smile beautiful and vibrant.

After a cleaning, your enamel is left smooth and polished. This makes your home care routine easier and more effective. When we reset the environment of your mouth back to a thorough clean, we contribute to the success of your personal dental care efforts.