Gum Contouring

When you think of a beautiful smile, a bright, straight set of teeth probably comes to mind. They may go unnoticed, but gums also play a large role in the beauty of a smile. 

Gums act as a supporting foundation for your teeth. They outline the base of each tooth, dipping around all sides to provide a sturdy framework for your smile. 

Aside from function, your gums also contribute to the appearance of your smile. They create a color contrast that allows your teeth to appear even brighter. The texture, thickness, and height of the gums impact the esthetics of your mouth as well. 

If an area of your gum tissue is uneven, it can hinder the appearance of your teeth. The tissue may sit too high or protrude in certain areas. If there is a place along your gums that appears unnatural, you have options for restoring the beauty of your smile.

Your gums can be contoured to highlight your teeth in a more flattering way. Laser technology makes this procedure simple, effective, and pain-free. You can view the difference immediately, and in a few days’ time, your gums will heal back to their natural beauty. 

While some people only need a small amount of contouring, others may benefit from a more extensive procedure. Dr. Patrick will assess each detail of your situation before choosing the best steps for achieving your desired outcome.