Dental implants give you a second chance at a beautiful smile. Implants are placed into your natural bone, giving them a strong foundation. The modern porcelains we use at River’s End Dental offer the same strength and function as a natural set of teeth. 

We can also attach dentures to dental implants. If you are missing several teeth, this may be a great choice for you. When we use implants to restore your teeth, you’ll radiate confidence each time you smile.

Dr. Patrick will devise a custom plan for your implant case. He uses digital x-rays, 3D mapping, models, photographs and case guides to develop a detailed strategy for you. Dr. Patrick takes the lead on these cases but collaborates with specialists as necessary.

Surgical Implants

Our patients are often surprised by the ease of implant placement. We offer several sedation options depending on your needs. You can discuss these options with Dr. Patrick to ensure your comfort throughout the process. 

We use an anesthetic to numb the site, then Dr. Patrick can carefully place the implant. He uses a small hole to thread an implant cylinder into place. Once we secure this sterilized part into place, we add a cover to protect the new implant while it heals.

Sometimes we add a crown during this procedure. If the case involves multiple implants, this is usually our approach. We make temporary options available as well, to provide a quick update to your smile.

You cannot chew at full strength until the bone has firmly attached to your new implants. Dr. Patrick will provide steps for maximum function and proper healing. This initial recovery lasts from three to six months. You may experience slight discomfort at first, but Dr. Patrick will work with you to keep the recovery process as smooth as possible.

Restorative Implants

Our first step in any implant case is creating a thorough and customized plan. Once you’ve received implants, you have several options for restoring the function and look of your smile.

Once you heal, we can connect crowns or bridges to your implants using dental cement or screws. From there, we can implement one of the many services available depending on your needs. Whether you need one tooth replaced or your full mouth restored, we can work together to achieve the desired result. 

High-quality, and Even Higher Value

Several factors go into the cost of dental implant services. These factors will be unique to each patient. A generic quote for the procedure may not reflect what is best for you. Comparing prices may not represent the quality of materials or training of the dentist and their team. Dr. Patrick will assess your situation and create a customized plan to give you an accurate quote before proceeding.

The latest digital x-ray technology, advanced training, and state of the art materials make dental implants an excellent value. Your implants will be placed at a much lower cost than other bone or joint replacements in the body. 

Recovery is minimal, allowing you to get back to your life much quicker than other procedures. From there, you’ll experience normal chewing, bite stability, and esthetics that last a lifetime. 

Choosing us for your implant services will guarantee you the highest value in modern dentistry. Years of natural function and a smile that makes you proud are worth the investment. We look forward to working together to create the ideal plan for restoring your smile!