Oral Appliances

At River’s End Dental, we always aim to provide the least invasive treatment possible. We recommend several oral appliances for a variety of conditions. These appliances are custom-made to create a comfortable and highly effective tool for your personal use.

We use models of your teeth to design an appliance that fits comfortably in your mouth. We can mold them to fit on your upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

Whether you’re seeking a solution for nighttime grinding, obstructive sleep apnea, bite or jaw issues, our appliances can offer the relief you need. We will assess your situation and listen to your preferences before determining the best solution for you.

Sleep Apnea

We are always concerned about the health of our patients. Sleep plays a big role in helping you lead a healthy life. Many patients unknowingly suffer from sleep disruptive disorders. 

These disorders disrupt the flow of oxygen at night, which can be very dangerous. If you have a sleep disorder, your risk of heart attack is 23 times higher than the average person. 92% of stroke victims live unknowingly with sleep apnea before their stroke.

If you suspect you may have a sleep disorder, it’s worth exploring the options for maintaining optimal health.

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Teeth Grinding

Did you know that teeth are the hardest parts of the human body? Despite their small size, they can endure an enormous amount of force.

Even though our teeth may be strong, we can still damage them over time. If we grind our teeth, we accelerate the deterioration of their enamel.

You may clench or grind your teeth without knowing it. This can cause harm to your teeth, muscles, and jaw in the long run. It may be worth considering the options for protecting your enamel against excessive force.

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