Oral Sedation

If you’re looking for a method that is stronger than Laughing Gas, oral sedation may be the solution for you. If you choose this option, Dr. Patrick will prescribe a medication to take orally prior to your procedure. 

There are many medication options available to achieve the same level of sedation. Each offers an effective way to reduce any nerves you may have before your procedure. You can also combine oral sedation with laughing gas to produce an even deeper state of relaxation.

Despite the plethora of options, all anti-anxiety medications will achieve the same result. Their purpose is to decrease anxiety regarding your dental procedure.

Oral sedation offers more than just a state of relaxation. Unlike Laughing Gas, it works to reduce your memory of the procedure. Knowing this may help ease your worries prior to your appointment.

Due to oral sedation, we may be able to complete your treatment in fewer appointments. The strength of this method also helps us finish complex procedures more quickly. 

At River’s End Dental, we are committed to ensuring your comfort and safety during every step of your treatment. Dr. Patrick is happy to discuss the options and help choose the best medication for you. During your procedure, he monitors your vital signs to ensure your safety throughout the process. Since the effects of oral sedation can take time to wear off, you will need to secure a ride to and from your appointment.