Oral Surgery

At River’s End Dental, your health, comfort, and peace of mind are top priorities.

Our goal is always to preserve your natural teeth. However, sometimes surgery becomes a necessary health decision. 

We may recommend a procedure involving the teeth, gums, or jawbone. We only make these decisions if we feel it is necessary for maintaining oral health. Once we make this decision, Dr. Patrick will listen to your concerns and carefully plan every aspect of your case.

We may need to remove a tooth if it cannot be restored. Sometimes patients also choose to remove a tooth due to financial limitations. We will always work hard to achieve the best solution for your circumstances. 

Dr. Patrick uses the best techniques and equipment to make surgery as quick and easy as possible. He will explain your sedation options prior to surgery, so we can keep pain and anxiety to a minimum on the day of your procedure.

We handle all procedures with compassion and understanding. Other situations that may lead to surgery include biopsies, reshaping of gum defects, or removal of obtrusive bone.

You and Dr. Patrick can work together to determine the best course of action. On occasion, he may refer you to a trusted specialist for further treatment. Dr. Patrick will not hesitate to use the best resources for every step of your treatment plan.