At River’s End Dental, we hope to keep your dental procedures to a minimum by keeping your natural teeth as healthy as possible. We are aware that patients with fewer restorations experience fewer dental issues in the future. 

If we use sealants, we can help our younger patients avoid the need for fillings. This development period is a common time for receiving fillings. Applying sealants is a proactive way to prevent cavities before they arise. 

The deep crevices in our molars are the most common places for applying sealants. Since this area is hard to thoroughly clean with a toothbrush, bacteria can get trapped here and lead to decay. If we seal permanent molars once they fully form, we lower the risk of cavities in their deep and hard to reach crevices. This is a routine step in your preventive care plan that is quick and pain-free.

To apply a sealant, we clean out and prepare the grooves of your molars. We apply a resin material that bonds to your tooth. We use a blue light tool to harden the sealant in place. 

It’s worth taking this extra step to prevent future decay. After we apply a sealant, it’s important to get them checked regularly, as they may need to be touched up or replaced after a few years.

Research claims properly sealed molars are 90% less likely to get cavities. Taking this step is simple, affordable, and can generate quality results for your future dental health. Not only do sealants prevent the need for fillings, but they help avoid major dental problems in the future.