Teeth Whitening

Smiling gives you a natural boost in confidence. If stains prevent you from feeling proud of your smile, your efforts to hide your teeth can take a psychological toll and reduce your self-esteem. At River’s End Dental, we know that eliminating stains can make a huge difference in the lives of our patients.

Some of our favorite treats such as coffee, wine, and chocolate can be the biggest culprits for causing stains. Since we deserve to enjoy our favorite foods every now and then, whitening offers a way to keep your smile bright despite these indulgences. We can whiten and polish your teeth to remove stains and reveal your most vibrant smile.

There are plenty of products out there for whitening at home. We don’t discourage the use of these products, but there are added benefits to professional whitening. You may want to consider these before deciding which route to take:

  • Customization: With our whitening process, you'll spend less than an hour in the dental chair. These sessions can remove years of discoloration more quickly than the average whitening product. We also offer customizable trays for at-home whitening. We can create a plan involving one or both of these methods to achieve your desired result.

  • High-quality gel formulas: Safety and consistent results are guaranteed with our professional whitening gel. You won’t have to worry about the risks of at-home whitening products that may be temperature-sensitive or have other unclear storage requirements.

  • Decreased sensitivity: If you have whitened your teeth before, you may have experienced some sensitivity. Our procedures minimize this symptom to ensure your comfort each time.

  • Long-term results: Continued purchases of whitening strips can get expensive. One whitening appointment with us can achieve the result you’re after in much less time. Our whitening trays also eliminate the need to continue repurchasing these products. Occasionally stopping in to top up your supply of whitening gel will keep you ready to whiten your teeth whenever and wherever you wish.

At River’s End Dental, we love seeing our patients leave a whitening appointment with increased self-esteem. We can discuss each part of the process and find a method to align with your preferences. Our team will help you achieve a whiter smile in a way that is comfortable, safe, and reliable every time.