Benefit Premiums

Plan                       Total Annual Cost

Single                $299 (Savings of about $500 off normal fees)

Dual                   $575 (Savings of about $1000 off normal fees)

Family of 3         $750 (Savings of about $1600 off normal fees)

Family of 4         $915 (Savings of about $2250 off normal fees)

Each Additional member      $110

  • Our Dual Plan is for a parent and child (18 or under) or couples.

  • The Family Plan includes family members and children under 18 or children who are enrolled in college full-time until the age of 23.

At 100%, these plans will include:

  • 1 Comprehensive Exam

  • 1 Annual Exam

  • 1 Emergency Exam (anytime during the year)

  • 2 Cleanings (non-periodontal based)

  • 1 Oral Cancer Screening

  • 2 Fluoride Tooth Strengthening Treatments

  • 1 Full Mouth X-ray Series or 4 Bitewing X-rays

  • 1 Panoramic X-Ray (1 every 3 years)

ALL other dental procedures are 20% off. 

Yes, you read that right. All additional dental procedures are 20% off the normal fee.

This program is a dental discount plan, NOT a dental insurance plan. Here's why you may benefit, even if you already have dental insurance:

  • NO Yearly maximums

  • NO Deductibles

  • NO Claim forms

  • NO Pre-authorization requirements

  • NO Health questions/denials

  • NO Pre-existing condition limitations

  • NO One will be denied coverage

  • NO Waiting periods (you are immediately eligible)

Here are the details:

Our Dental Savers Plan was created to increase access to quality dental care, while maintaining an affordable price. This discounted fee schedule for dental services is ONLY available at River's End Dental.

  • The patient portion of the bill is due at the time of service.

  • This plan cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan or dental insurance.

  • No refunds of premiums will be issued if the patient decides not to use this dental plan.

  • A full premium refund will be given within 30 days of plan start date if the patient opts out of plan within 30 days of signing up.

  • You will not receive a plan membership card. The date your plan takes effect will be on file with our office.

  • You cannot use this plan for referral to a specialist or hospital care. This plan cannot be used for dental care costs covered under automobile medical.

  • You cannot use this plan for injuries covered under a workers' compensation claim.

  • You cannot use this plan for treatment that lies outside the realm of our doctors’ capability.

  • Office Fee Schedule is subject to change.