Home Care

A healthy smile requires a consistent routine between checkups. Anyone can create a solid oral care routine with the right tools. As long as you dedicate the time, you can establish good habits with ease. Just like physical fitness, your efforts are cumulative, and a little time each day goes a long way. If you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, you will set yourself up for optimal health in the long run. 

There are many products out there for maintaining dental hygiene. Your hygienist is here to help guide you toward the best solutions for your home care routine. We can explore options, and together we will devise a plan that meets your needs.

Maybe in your case, a Waterpik would help you achieve a deeper clean than dental floss. Maybe you need prescription toothpaste to treat a specific condition. We consider every aspect of your oral health when coming up with your ideal home care plan. This way you can improve results and maximize the time you spend on oral care.

Our high-risk patients may need more customization in their home care plan. We can help you discover easy and cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce the risk or progress of disease. You may benefit from finding a good alternative to sugar. Xylitol can be a great alternative to help reduce cavities in children and adults.

At River’s End Dental, we are happy to help you come up with a realistic and achievable home care routine. Our goal is to keep your mouth healthy and your trips to visit us as quick and easy as possible!