Oral Cancer Screening

We thoroughly assess all facets of your oral health during each checkup. Part of this process is examining the soft tissue that lines your mouth. 

This tissue can heal quickly, but it is vulnerable to changes that must be thoroughly examined. If we notice any abnormal developments in this area, we may want to monitor or conduct further testing.

Oral cancer screening is especially important for tobacco users. You can find up to 3,000 different chemicals in a pack of chewing tobacco. Some of these are used in pesticides and embalming fluid. These chemicals are bound to alter the structures of your mouth. Some changes may go unnoticed until the situation has become critical.

Although tobacco users are at higher risk than non-users, oral cancer can affect anyone. The good news is, early detection and treatment give you a much higher chance of restoring oral health. 

The American Cancer Society reports that around 7,000 deaths result from oral cancer out of the 30,000 cases diagnosed each year. At River’s End Dental, we know we play a major role in early detection. If we notice any changes in the lining of your mouth, we’ll often recommend a biopsy and microscopic analysis by a qualified lab.

Other non-cancerous issues can develop along the lining of your mouth. Oral warts and autoimmune lesions are among the potential changes you may notice. Dr. Patrick will use his knowledge in oral pathology to decide whether removal or extra monitoring is necessary in your case.

At River’s End Dental, we’re aware that the addictive quality of tobacco can impact even the healthiest person. Quitting the habit is a challenging, yet honorable effort, and we’re here to offer support. Talk to our team to learn about strategies and resources available on your path to a tobacco-free life.