Digital X-ray

Our digital x-ray technology allows us to view the fine details of your mouth with clarity and ease. This method captures precise images in a way that is safer and more efficient than standard x-ray technology. 

These benefits help us fine-tune your treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome. Given the many benefits, we are proud to use digital x-ray technology at River’s End Dental.

Advantages of Digital X-ray:

  • Increased Safety: Standard x-ray technology emits a small amount of radiation in order to create images. Our digital x-ray technology lowers radiation exposure by up to 90%. This helps us ensure the safest possible experience for our patients. 

  • Added Efficiency: With digital x-rays, we can create high-quality images of your mouth in seconds. This helps us keep your appointment quick and easy every time.

  • Improved Results: Digital x-rays offer the clearest, most detailed images available today. With greater detail comes more accurate analysis, so Dr. Patrick can detect and diagnose with ease. Regardless of your situation, he will study your images thoroughly and come up with the best treatment plan for you.