Cosmetic Dentistry

The value of your teeth goes beyond their biological function. 

Studies show that a person’s perception of their smile has a psychological impact. It has been linked to the quality of interpersonal relationships and self-confidence. When we feel confident in ourselves, we are more likely to smile. Subsequently, the act of smiling itself increases our confidence. Having high self-esteem helps us connect more with others, so in this way, our smiles act as a gateway to the world around us.

On the other hand, if we feel ashamed of our teeth we might refrain from engaging others. The psychological strain impacts self-image as well as connections with others. The good news is, there are options. In fact, new solutions are constantly emerging, giving anyone the opportunity to be proud of their smile. 

Dr. Patrick combines his passion for improving smiles with the best techniques available today. Our cosmetic services can help restore your confidence in no time.

Some of these include:

  • Repairing cracked and worn down teeth

  • Alleviating overcrowding issues

  • Eliminating gaps in your smile

  • Reshaping or replacing teeth

  • Replacing fillings, crowns, and metal caps

  • Whitening stains and discoloration

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can turn any smile into a work of art. They are made of thin porcelain and custom-designed to achieve your ideal smile. No matter your preferences, veneers can be crafted to create the result you desire. Our passion for excellent cosmetic dentistry combines with this modern dental tool to achieve flawless results every time.

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Composite Fillings

Cavities, chips, and cracks can affect even the healthiest teeth. Many of these problems can be solved with composite fillings. Our filling process involves cleaning and preparing the area, filling it with the composite material, and polishing it smooth. The result is a beautiful yet seamless update to your smile.

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Teeth Whitening

We’ve already mentioned the connection between your smile and your confidence. Our high-quality whitening solutions may be just what you need to feel your brightest once again. Our process acts fast to boost your smile by eliminating years of discoloration and stain.

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Porcelain Crowns

You may feel there is no solution for your damaged teeth. However, that is not the case. You have many options. One of the best is the dental crown. A crown, or cap, can easily restore a damaged, decayed, or cracked tooth. You may be surprised by the life-like quality and strength of your new porcelain crown.

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If you’ve fractured a tooth, you know they can crack in unexpected ways. There are instances where the fracture is too extensive to be treated with a composite filling, but not quite large enough to require a porcelain crown.

Porcelain onlays are the perfect solution for these tricky situations. Our goal is always to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. Onlays can provide the additional support you need without covering the area completely. Once the onlay is applied, the original look, feel, and function of your teeth are immediately restored.

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Gum Contouring

Your gums act as the foundation of your smile. You may not realize it, but they play a key role in the strength and appearance of your teeth. Gum contouring can support a healthy mouth and add definition to your smile.

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Lifetime Whitening

At River’s End Dental, we want to help you achieve your best smile. We developed our own Lifetime Whitening program to help turn your dreams into reality. Affordable rates and high-quality whitening materials set you up with a whiter smile for life!

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Full Arch Rehabilitation

Teeth can wear down over time. At first, this process may go unnoticed, but once the damage is done, a series of crowns may be required. Don’t let this intimidate you. We’ll come up with a plan that restores your smile as quickly as possible.

The Southwest Prosthodontic Society has recognized Dr. Patrick for Outstanding Achievement in Prosthodontics. He will draw on his advanced training to help you achieve the smile you desire.