When replacing broken teeth, we always try to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Modern dentistry offers several minimally invasive options for restoring teeth to full function and appearance.

Teeth can suffer damage from cavities, heavy bite force, trauma, or even normal use. If you forego treatment, you risk losing the affected tooth later on. 

An onlay is like a partial crown that we can custom-craft to bond to the affected tooth. Often, teeth will need a full cap or dental crown, but sometimes we can fully restore smaller fractures with an onlay. A crown requires more preparation, while onlays allow any unbroken pieces of a tooth to remain untouched.

Onlays match the enamel of your tooth flawlessly. This quality dramatically restores function and appearance. Sometimes, the least invasive option works best for your restoration. If this is the case for you, Dr. Patrick may recommend an onlay as the next step your treatment plan.