Porcelain Crowns

These days, you have many options for replacing or restoring teeth. The materials used are becoming stronger and more beautiful, and the techniques are more advanced than ever before.

Dental crowns or caps resemble your natural tooth and provide a simple solution for restoration. Most crowns appear identical to your natural teeth, presenting no visual distraction in your smile. Crowns are also comfortable, safe, and easy to apply. Dr. Patrick is happy to give you more information about this great solution for your restorative dental needs.

The skill of the dentist can send the final result to new heights. Dr. Patrick utilizes advanced techniques and takes a conservative approach for each restoration. He can assess your unique situation and restore your mouth to full function and beauty in no time.

Teeth can suffer significantly if they experience decay, excessive bite force, or trauma. Sometimes even normal circumstances can result in a need for restoration.

We can use crowns to repair a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even the entire set of teeth. We can also use them alongside dental implants to fill any gaps in your smile.

A Quick and Easy Process

After devising your custom treatment plan, we will schedule two appointments for your restoration. The first visit will involve preparing the affected tooth for your new crown.

From there, Dr. Patrick will send the specificities of your case to a specialized lab. A lab technician will then design a porcelain crown to fit seamlessly over the prepared tooth.

While you wait for your new crown, we will provide a temporary crown for you to wear. This will allow you to maintain function during the two to three weeks between restoration appointments.

Once your custom crown is ready, you can come in for your final restoration treatment. Dr. Patrick will assess the crown in its new location before applying it. He will check it for size, shape, and fit before permanently restoring your tooth.

Once he has finished this process, he will bond the crown into place. He will make any remaining adjustments to your crown and add a final polish. 

After these final steps, you will leave with a beautiful and natural-looking tooth. Our team hopes to make your restoration process as smooth as possible. With such high-quality results, there’s no doubt you’ll leave our office smiling!