River’s End Dental Lifetime Whitening Program

Program includes:

  •   1 pair of Custom Whitening Trays and 1 large tube of whitening gel at the start of program (1 additional tube can be purchased at cost if needed).

  •   1 free tube of whitening gel at each 6-month checkup

  •  Replacement of Whitening Trays up to every 3 years for nominal fee (must have original models!!!)

So... What's the catch?! (aka The Rules)

  •  Must maintain 6 month recalls (checkups) in order to qualify

  •  Failure to maintain recalls, will result in a buy-back fee of $48 per month past recall due date. Fees subject to change.

  •  No refunds if patient chooses to discontinue program for any reason including sensitivity.

  •  1 additional tube of whitening gel may be purchased at nominal fee per 6 months. Additional tubes of whitening will require permission from the doctor.

  •  If custom trays are lost or damaged, patient is responsible for all fees associated with making new custom trays. (Original models will reduce remake costs significantly.)